Hi! My name is Maia, and I'm a film composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin, Germany. Getting to know a director's vision, tastes, and aesthetic preferences while getting to the heart of the script is a process I truly enjoy - and I believe the core of a composer's job is to help the film be the best version of itself it can possibly be.


A long and diverse career in the music industry has given me the many varied and rare skills, both technical and creative, that allow me to cover all aspects of the music-for-media creation process.


I've written and produced music for films, video games, podcasts, and apps, produced and mixed bands and other artists, performed professionally as a saxophone player, guitarist, and bassist, and worked extensively in audio editing. I believe my greatest strength is connecting with and understanding the core of a project - be it a film, a band, or an exhibition - and translating that effectively into music. Thanks for visiting and feel free to listen to my work on the listen page, or to get in touch via the contact page.